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March 6, 2019
June 16, 2021

Where are the differences?

At first glance, the two sports drinks COMPETITION and ULTRA COMPETITION do not differ much from each other. Both are acid-free sports drinks for the highest energy demands, consisting of a broad mix of carbohydrates with different glycaemic indexes and electrolytes. Due to their composition and the mild or, in the case of ULTRA COMPETITION, missing flavouring both sports drink powders guarantee optimal tolerance at high sporting intensities, regardless of the duration. ULTRA COMPETITION is even more strongly geared towards ultra-athletes and ultra-performance grace to the omission of flavouring and its composition. This is because during performances of more than 6-8 hours and very low intensities, a slowed insulinemic response such as that provided by ULTRA COMPETITION can be beneficial, as fat burning is reduced to a lesser extent. Thanks to its neutral-tasting formulation, ULTRA COMPETITION can be flavoured according to individual preference (e.g. prepared with tea water, bouillon, a dash of syrup or similar) for ultra-endurance occasions when most food and drinks increasingly lose their taste appeal.